Meet our team!

Hi there! I’m Gem, Communications Manager at SD Structures.

I’ve only recently joined SD, but I’ve been a comms professional for over 14 years. I love my job – a lot! And, I love working with engineers. They’re smart, and always humble about their achievements.

Engineers play a crucial role in the design of buildings and spaces, but generally they’re too modest to be the greatest promoters of their work. That’s where I hope to come in. I’m currently reviewing all of SD’s material and trying to get an understanding of the work we do and have done. It’s been enlightening – there’s so much more to SD’s work than I knew before taking on this role. This means there’s probably more to SD than you and everyone else knows too!

The experience this practice has, and that of the engineers and technicians, is vast. The type and scale of projects completed by SD varies greatly – there’s tiny stuff, huge stuff, and everything in between. There’s a real sense of commitment to projects and to clients, and making sure we deliver on everything that’s been promised.

I joined SD at the beginning of July. Starting a new job can be daunting, particularly during a pandemic. But it’s not felt that way at all for me. I’ve yet to meet the full team IRL, but those I have met have made me feel so welcome. Now that everything’s opened back up again, I’ll have the chance to get to know my team better. Plus, there’s the ‘Summer Day’ coming up – we’re all heading for brunch at the German Gymnasium, followed by some games in Regent’s Park, and then the inevitable drinks at the pub. Based on what I know so far, working at SD is going to be fun!

Over the next few months you’ll be seeing a bit more from the team, and a bit more on our work and collaborations. We’ll be featuring some of our notable projects, and some of our hidden gems. Hopefully the content we produce is what you want to see, but if you have suggestions – topics or improvements – I’m always ready to hear them, so ping them my way: