Ambler Road House

Finsbury Park

Ambler Road House

Full refurbishment of a terraced home in Finsbury Park , including loft conversion and rear extension.

The internal space at ground floor was opened up by removing the walls and supporting the rear of the building on a steel frame. The frame was designed to crank to follow the profile of the sloped glazed roof to give a floating appearance to the structure. Steels beams support the outrigger of the building and are carefully hidden in the floor zone.

The loft was converted by strengthening the ceiling with new steels and timbers. The new roof dormer benefits from a full width glazed elevation.

SD Structures have consistently been excellent collaborators on the series of London projects that we have worked together on. Their use of BIM software to resolve designs in three dimensions has proved invaluable in developing elegantly coordinated design solutions

Kieran Hawkins - Director - Cairn Architects