AYN 2, Oxfordshire


AYN 2, Oxfordshire

A unique project to build three high-quality homes in the Grade II listed Aynhoe Park. AYN2 has two-storeys set out in a Y shape to maximise views out onto the 24 acres of parkland.

To achieve the large open plan internal spaces and cantilevering section at first floor, the structure is formed using a steel frame with concrete floors. We developed a solution to enable a 10m wide glazed opening at ground floor to be column-free while working within the constraints of a 300mm deep structural floor zone. To achieve this, the lower storey uses steel and concrete and the upper storey uses modern methods of construction in the form of lightweight prefabricated wall and roof panels. These panels were constructed offsite and craned into position, saving our client money and reducing time on site, while achieving the architectural vision.

Many protected and ancient trees are located within close proximity and so coordination with arboriculturists and landscape architects has been required, particularly with regards to our drainage strategy.


Team: Mike Davies, Dimitrios Baltzopoulos, Chris Croft, Kyle Toole