Goods Way Music Venue, King’s Cross, London

Goods Way Music Venue, King’s Cross, London

A new 1,750 sq m entertainment space and live 600-capacity music venue in the heart of the vibrant King’s Cross. The project is the brainchild of Ben Lovett, from Mumford and Son’s, and is his latest music venue dedicated to providing opportunities to new talent in the music industry.

We transformed a large basement shell within an existing building to create 15 new floor levels to effectively double the useable space and create distinct zones for the bars, music venues, lounge areas, and back of house facilities.

We designed a steel frame structure and used 3D BIM modelling to ensure close collaboration with the design team. The steel frame creates the new floors and raked seating without overloading the existing structure.

Best Completed Entertainment & Hospitality Venue, Build Architecture Award

Lovett Enterprise
Studio AGELI