Lampmead Road


Lampmead Road

This highly styled and bespoke renovation included a loft conversion and extensive internal modifications to the existing structure.

A fully detailed 3D services was undertaken on this project, where coordination and synchronisation between the structure and architecture were paramount to obtain the desired finish.  A bespoke deep reveal mansard and two storey glazed slotted window make for a sympathetic yet impactful project.

There are many reasons why we engage SD Structures on our projects, but their enthusiasm and passion for well-considered design solutions stands out probably the most. Their thorough approach not only results in elegant and neat architectural detail, but also often offers cost savings thanks to specific structural solutions that are based on an in-depth understanding of each project. Their professional and efficient work ethic turns challenges into exciting solutions. It is a true joy to work with such an engaging and highly competent team.

Peter Lancaric - Director- P.LANSTUDIO Architects