Peckham Park Road


Peckham Park Road

Proposed re-development of an old shop unit and warehouse to provide new high quality retail and residential accommodation on Peckham Park Road.

The project is currently at the feasibility stage and SD have provided advice and on how to maximise the site including possible basement options as well as building tall (10 stories or more). SD Structures advised on key construction issues at the pre-planning stage to ensure later modifications would not be required.

Project due onsite late 2018.

Private Clients
NimTim Architects

We have worked with SD structures on a number of projects. Their attention to detail is outstanding and their input has been invaluable on every single project we have completed together. Crucially, SD seek to understand the key architectural concept for the project and how the structure can respond to and fit into this vision. It means that the architectural and structural elements of the design are conceived together and are developed in tandem rather than in opposition to each other.

Their ability to develop the design in three dimensions is a fantastic tool for the architect as the design progresses but also for the contractor on site who is then able to see how the structure fits together in far more detail than with the information produced by most other structural engineers. We would be happy to recommend SD Structures for projects of any size and complexity.

Tim O’Callaghan - Director - Nimtim Architects