Ruben’s takeover Day 5


This week has been filled with posts, so I have kept this one short and wanted to focus on my two last visits to London (May and July).

A remote work regime is not always smooth sailing and every 2 months I try to make it to London. You end up missing a lot of the human interactions and it becomes crucial to travel regularly, to keep in touch with the SD team, meet the new people that join SD as the practice grows, see clients, attend meetings, visit sites and of course, networking!

SD and I normally try to organise events when @Marrio Ferreira and I are in London so that the week is well filled. During my visit in May I presented one of my projects and we collectively discussed its challenges as part of our weekly CPD scheme.  

We were in London again last week and the practice organised a social football match. It was extremely good fun, lots of laughs, followed by some well-deserved beers afterwards. 

Site visits form a big part of my time in London. It’s great to go to the sites, meet the builders, discuss the projects, listen to comments and challenges, and see our structures as they are being built. 

Finally, I try to do as much networking as possible. Networking is an avenue to exchange ideas and as they say: no one can tell how much they know without listening to other people. I really believe that architecture and engineering are to be shared. Success is largely attributed to the pool of information or ideas you have gained from past experiences. When networks are created and ideas are shared it helps to foster long-term relationships and mutual trust. 

I hope you have enjoyed this week. It’s been great to express myself, interact, and show a little bit more of what SD Structures is all about! 


Ruben Correia