Domestic Extensions

SD Structures can tailor our service to meet the needs of the project. We can design cost effective structural solutions with simple clear 2D and 3D drawings from traditional rear extensions to very complex cranked and cantilevered steel framed extensions.

Working in 3D is an effective way to design structures efficiently and coordinate with architects, clients and builders where issues can get overlooked in 2D.

What underpins all our projects is our attention to detail. Construction projects are infamous for running over time and budget and often that can be avoided with good design and planning. A design by SD Structures is never over-designed or conservative, each project we undertake is optimised to save the client money. Savings of 10-20% on the build costs can be realised compared to an average solution not prepared with the same rigour and attention to detail.

Investing in detailed structural design, and clear construction drawings also helps ensure the builder is not having to ‘think on their feet’ when confronted with details that have not been drawn. This helps avoid work coming to a halt to resolve issues which is an all too common problem in construction projects.

A popular request is for the removal of whole of the rear wall to create a large open plan space with the extension. We design steel frames to support the house and maintain the stability of the property. We use the latest software and pre-deflection techniques so the beams can be as light and shallow as possible to maximise headroom and avoid unsightly downstands.