The Gingerbread City

At SD HQ, we’ve been getting into the festive spirit for quite a while now. Our team have been busy baking gingerbread, melting sweets, and creating cute little pigs out of fondant icing! All in aid of The Gingerbread City, an annual exhibition where designers create a city made of gingerbread and other delicious treats, to raise funds for the Museum of Architecture as a charity.

The City has been separated into islands, with each island being posed a question in response to the theme ‘rewilding’. We gave our plot, its requirements, and its design a lot of thought – more than we care to disclose!

The exhibition is running until 9th January at 6-7 Motcomb Street. Visit to book your tickets.

Take a look at our initial sketch idea, some detail photos, and a description about our plot below.

Frappe Farm Shop by SD Structures

Climate change is having a catastrophic impact on all life, and it is our duty to work as hard and as clever as possible to undo the damage we have caused. On our Island, we pride ourselves on utilising every bit of space available and sharing it with the animals and with nature – an important aspect of rewilding. At Frappe Farm Shop we ensure the animals have access to plenty of green space and fresh water, and can roam the grounds as freely as they wish. At the back of our farm we grow our own vegetables which we sell to our friendly neighbours, and offer fresh dishes within our café using our homegrown seasonable produce. We have a green roof to encourage biodiversity, with at least one family of birds settling here each year, and photovoltaic cells to convert natural light into energy which is used to provide power to our three buildings.