Private Residence, Acton, London

Private Residence, Acton, London

The dated conservatory at this late Victorian mid-terrace property in Acton has been replaced with a modern rear and side extension.

A reinforced concrete frame has been used, with high-quality exposed concrete as an architectural feature both internally and externally. Instead of traditional steel beams, structural support for the extension and upper storeys has been provided by a series of deep flitch beams placed perpendicular to the wall above. A skylight allows ample daylight into the new kitchen and dining space. Formed with four offset columns, the roof slab cantilevers in two directions and is supported by reinforced upstand beams. Thermal breaks ensure no cold bridging between the internal and external areas.

A new reinforced concrete dining table centrepiece was detailed to complement the space, and provides a permanent spot for the family to congregate.

The upstairs living area has been extended through the addition of a dormer, which has been fitted with a new bathroom. Both the rear extension and dormer have green roofs.


Team: Andy Simpson, Sam Rogers, Kamil Bednarek, Kyle Toole

Images: Lorenzo Zandri

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